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A Logo and heading of The Silver Circle


A unique opportunity for you to meet new friends and create something special for yourself or a loved one. This group aims to meet once a week or once every fortnight to socialise, enjoy crafting, learn silversmithing techniques and skills all in a safe and relaxed atmosphere.  Unlike my workshops, where you make one thing over three hours, in this group you perfect techniques and make one fabulous complex and challenging object over the six weeks.  It's relaxed and fun.  Places will be limited so join up now to ensure a place, starting October 2022.

A Silver domed teardrop pendant


To learn new skills in a relaxed atmosphere without any pressures and, ultimately, create a fantastic piece of silver jewellery.  One week we will learn to saw pierce, or form objects, mark and texturise, hammer and personalise amongst other skills


My Vision is to create a friendly interactive group of people who enjoy making objects, socialising, and supporting one another throughout the sessions.  So if you would love to meet new friends, want to learn new skills, and join a friendly group, this is my vision.


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