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Creative space

As a Jewellery Designer and Artist I earn a living by being creative. When first starting I  had loads and loads of ideas.  But the longer I reside in the design world, the more being creative feels like work. That puts added pressures on me as an artist, to perform. When I experience pressure my brain starts to shut down and become rigid rather than allowing the flow of creativity. Every so often, I have to just stop and empty my head of work and responsibilities. I need to walk and draw what inspires me so that my brain can start to untangle and begin to function.

Creativity needs space!

Space to unravel!

Space to just stop and sometimes to have physical space around me. Standing on top of the Sugar Loaf or the Blorenge  and looking at the hills, valley and towns sprawled before me, or walking amongst trees and listening to the gentle tinkle of leaves falling on the forest floor. Feeling the gentle breeze on my face up at The Kymin and the chirrup of the birds. Seeing a sunset and feeling the rain on my skin. All these things seem to miraculously heal and allow my brain to defrag and reset.

It’s important for me to take time out but also being creative can mean just needing to walk away from a project and allow the brain to relax or think of other things. Creativity takes time. I cant always come up with a design immediately, sometimes it has to wash over me like the waves on a beach. A good example of this was a pendant I was asked to make. Nothing was right with it and it wasn’t gelling with the brief or my expectations. So I walked away and got on with some other jobs.  When I returned my mindset had shifted  and suddenly all the problems seemed to dissolve and the resolution became so much clearer in my head. I was able to finish the piece and keep to  the brief.

I seek inspiration from the landscape around me. I am particularly drawn to natural objects but architecture and engineering can also excite. Recently I walked the Severn Bridge with a friend and was struck by the beauty of some of the structures holding the bridge in place. I was inspired to create a necklace inspired by that functional and every day object.

My own ideas include a scuba tank with a rubber hose and a breathing mask in Silver, a Silver birdcage pendant with opening hinged door and a silver envelope with hinges opening where you can post your loved ones a letter.

Is it time for you to make some space? I would love to hear from you as to how you make space in your head. So do write to me and let me know.  In the meantime, I read a blog recently which might help. Here’s a link :

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