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Craft & Chatter Summer Fair

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Summer Fair

Craft & Chatter are putting on their first Craft Fair in 2024 on the 29th June.  Our group meets twice a week on a Monday & Wednesday evening and there are so many talnted people in our group making handmade items and creating beautiful objects..  So we will be sharing this talent with you and allowing people to see the pieces in the flesh and buy their products wanted.  If you are part of the Craft & Chatter group and would like to sell your pieces please fill in the form for me. Link here :

If you are wishing to come along and see our work full details are below

29th June 2024

11am - 1pm

Free entry

Refreshments provided

Unit 10 Innovation Spaces Hub, Mile End Road, Coleford GL16 7QD.

Opposite the entrance to Forest HIlls Golf Club

Parking avaiable

Stairs involved

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