I am so excited to launch a new service at Chris Lewis Jewellery Design. I'm always trying to think of new things to do with my customers, new ways to interact and excite and this one is thrilling!!! Its called The Silver Circle and it is a six week course that I hope to run on and off throughout the year. It's about meeting new and old friends, a safe space, a crafting event but even more than that a course driven by its participants. As you know, I run workshops throughout the year where you can make a ring or a pendant or something in silver, and I will continue to do that but it's only possible for me to have everyone make the same sort of thing. With this course, I will be teaching a skill set, you can choose what you make and you can make something that you wouldn't ordinarily get to make anywhere ever.

It costs £25 per class, plus materials, for a six week course. At the end of the six week course you can carry on with another six week course or drop out. If you pay per class it will cost you £25 for each class but if you pay for the course it will cost £130 rather than £150, saving you £20 overall. I will charge for silver and materials depending on what you decide to make.

I have been trialling this course with someone with only experience of my workshops and she has managed to make a teardrop pendant over the six weeks!! Amazing! You don't have to have any experience or knowledge at all just come and join in and let's have some fun!

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Earrings are a go this month. Now, I have posted a picture of some simple yet stylish earrings that can be made in a workshop with me but you could also make something else. It's only a guide. I am going to be running this workshop from The Studio, which is part of Anna Fine Jewellery's workspace at Taurus Crafts and it is seriously equipped with lovely workbenches. The workshops will take place on the 29th September and I am excited to see how many of you will be joining me. Do get in touch if you have any ideas or designs and we can make sure you are able to make them. So, who's joining me in making some beautiful silver earrings? Heres a link to book online :

Updated: Aug 31

Hi everyone and thank for you continued support, following my blogs. Times are constantly evolving and I am doing my best to react to demand and run more workshops every month. So in September, I am introducing yet another new workshop, "Spinner Rings". If you are interested do get in touch and we can sort out a date if the one booked doesn't fit with you.

So, apart from those, I will also be doing a Ring Making Workshop from Hill Street Training Rooms on the 8th September and my usual ring making at the lovely Tudor Farmhouse Hotel on the 18th. As if that wasn't enough I have also added an Earrings Workshop to my business address on the 21st September. I really hope this will keep you all happy but for those who know me, I am very flexible and would love to hear of anything else you might like to make so do get in touch and let me know your feedback and if there is anything I can improve. Always looking to improve and provide better services for you all.

Thank you so much for your continued support. I couldn't and wouldn't do it without you all.


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