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Customer Reviews and Testimonials

I contacted Chris to ask her to make a sterling silver ring setting for me. I had the stone already, I just wanted to her to make a lovely surround for me. She has done this and the result is amazing! I just love it. The setting she has done has made the ring a work of art. Chris was so helpful and easy to work with too. . 

Becci, Ruardean

In 2016, my husband bought me a pair of diamond and silver earrings for my 50th birthday - he handed them to me and said “I know you won't wear them, it's more a gesture cos diamonds are your birth stone"! They were in fact elongated studs and very pretty but he was right I would never wear them. I have very long hair and always wear long drop earrings - still it was the thought that counts right.

So fast forward a few years and I keep seeing them in the box but not worn and think I should have them refashioned somehow into something I can wear.  I contacted a couple of Jewellers locally but the general principle seemed to be that they would need to be dismantled and remodelled which was not what I wanted, after all, Alan had chosen these for me and they were pretty. So during the Lockdown months I did some more research and found Chris, I explained what I wanted - ideally a ring that maintained the integrity of the piece that I could wear every day. 

My niece turned 21 during lockdown and I thought it would be really nice if we had matching rings - we are really close and this felt like a really a personal gift that would be unique to us.

So I met Chris - at a distance( of course) - showed her the earrings and explained what I wanted. We talked about options but kept coming back to the idea of setting the earning intact into something that would support it to be set into/onto a ring. WOW! Chris made two beautiful and completely unique rings. I wear mine every day - it almost feels like the engagement ring I never had and it is so nice to wear what Alan chose for me. My niece chooses to wear hers as a thumb ring and loves it.

Thank you so much Chris - for listening, and making me a pair of perfect rings.

Jacqui, Parkend
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