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Memories are important for all of us. Particularly poignant, are those of loved ones who are no longer with us. I create jewellery and gifts to encapsulate memories, pieces with a silent narrative,  but some of my pieces can also be used to hold a loved one's ashes. These are discreetly and respectfully made and only you need to know the contents. Below are some ideas but I am happy to discuss others with you. Please note that I do not copy other people's work and I can only melt down silver and gold that has been hallmarked to ensure its authenticity. Feel free to contact me for a chat.


This is a long but extremely deserved review.....


Early Dec 2019, my family and I were told that my Dad had possibly less than a year to live. For a family who have already lost many members to cancer, this was yet another blow to a close-knit family.


Anyway, knowing how rubbish Dad is with Christmas present shopping for mum, I took charge and said to the old man (it’s a term of endearment - honestly), that this year he needed to come up with something that mum could cherish. I recommended to him that I knew a lady who could possibly help and so he gave the green light to get in touch with Chris.


We met up and over a brew, Chris gently questioned me on mum and dads relationship (she was aware of the cancer and life expectancy). Why was she asking about their relationship? She wanted to ‘feel’ how they felt about each other; she wanted to know how and where they met, their jobs, the sad loss of a daughter & how they coped trying to come to terms with that and then we spoke more on Dad's terminal diagnosis.


Chris recommended an envelope with a letter. Mum loves that old-fashioned communication tool of letter writing, they exchanged many letters whilst they both served in the R.A.F. With some sneaking around, I managed to get dad's signature and he found the words to have written on his letter.


An envelope, containing one last letter from her husband, to cherish for a lifetime, even if one of those lives is no longer with us.....he will always be with mum, right there on the left side of her coat, over her heart, always in her heart.


Many tears were shed, in the planning, design, handover and giving of such a gorgeous piece. We were extra grateful for the added piece of a daffodil pin; mums favourite flower, bought for her every birthday and anniversary by Dad.


Chris, you’re an amazing lady with an exceptional talent & my family will be forever grateful for such a perfect piece created with love, formed with love and worn forever, with love.


Thank you 

Sterling Silver envelope with silver letter and silver daffodil
Abi, Gloucester
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