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Silver Oak Leaf and Acorn Pendant

There are so many ways which you can purchase jewellery and gifts nowadays. Most are manufactured in vast quantities and are made for the masses. Encouragingly, some people are now looking to buck this trend and buy something special and handmade entirely to suit the individual. If you have found your way onto this site, I am sure you are one of those people. This can seem like a very expensive alternative but that isn't always the case. My handmade creations allow you to get involved in creating a unique piece tailored to you. For my commissions, I would love to work with you to create something that is emotionally significant, it may have some gold from your Grandmother's ring or a stone from a brooch, it may be personalised with a message or a name or date. Whatever it is I will be thrilled to make something unique for you.


I don't charge for a consultation, charge a small fee for design drawings, if needed, which acts as a (nonrefundable) deposit, and I work with you to ensure this piece is perfect for you. The only thing I ask is that you don't ask me to copy someone's design.  

I use various materials in my pieces which include gold, silver, wood, copper, brass, resin and acrylic. I am happy to chat about any other materials to be used.


If you're interested in exploring this option further, please do make a call and have a chat to see what can be done.

A submark with olive background and a gold acorn


Dear Chris, thank you so much for the brilliant earrings, My daughter has had a brilliant year and it was so nice to give her such a special present, she absolutely loves them her face was so lovely to see, she can't believe you made them-thank you again Chris. 

Val, Tintern
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