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Something in September

September has arrived and I am not even sure where the summer went. Life in my Studio has reached a legal of calm and normality with me opening for appointments on a Monday, Thursday and Saturday morning. This allows me to carry out workshops but also be at home to work on my commissions as much as I can.

Speaking of workshops, I have a great deal of choice available through my website and I have been delving into more and more art workshops. I have some drawing and illustration workshops coming up and an abstract painting workshop too. These have proved very popular and are such fun and a real delight. I have my Craft & Chatter group that is now meeting every Monday evening in September. If that goes well we will continue that trend. I am also running another group for artists, Art & Articulate, which I hope will be a really supportive and inspiring group for the working artist who can feel very isolated and alone.

I continue to run my usual ring making, pendant, earrings, bangles stacking rings and spinner workshops too and they are bootable months in advance.

Commissions continue to come in, I’m always chasing my tail trying to fit everything in but I am trying to cut the time it takes to get commissions completed but when you have nobody to help and you are administrator, coffee girl, designer, maker, studio boss, workshop manager and lots more it is very difficult to get it all right. I would love to have more time to design too but I do slot the odd new design in And I would love to work in a collection. Watch this space.

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