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Private Workshops

Are you interested in a workshop but can't make any of the dates I have on my website?

I love running my workshops! I run one a month from Tudor Farmhouse and I have started running them from Harts Barn Cookery School. I am also about to start running them from Glewstone Court Hotel near Ross-on-Wye. But, very often I cannot meet everyone's individual needs so I have started running private workshops in people's homes. To be honest, this has been a natural expansion of my work due to the enthusiasm of the people that come to my workshops. They have loved the process so much they want to share it with their friends.

So it got me thinking, why don't I offer this as a service and tell you all about it? So that is what this blog is all about! I am here to tell you all that I can come and run a workshop in your home. All I need you to do is arrange a date with me and invite all of your friends along and as long as we get a minimum of 6 people signed up, I will being all my tools and materials and come to your home and run your very own private workshop. I am not charging any extra for this service, I just require 6 people minimum to make it worth it. I also need to keep it within my locality ish! Now, if you would like to know how I define "ish" you will need to get in touch and ask the question because, a little like Pooh with his jar of honey, I haven't quite worked out the definition of ish. Ish might mean its too far, or that I need petrol money, or that I need to include the cost of an overnight stay but whatever ish is, there is no obligation for you to book me if "ish" doesn't meet your requirements but let's have a chat about it anyway.

How do I stop other people booking onto your private workshop?

Ah, that's clever! I will give you a password which only your fiends will be given by you and, therefore, nobody else will be able to gatecrash your event.

I am so looking forward to your feedback on this and whether this is something that you would be interested in. I will blog again soon. Chris

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