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Remembering and Supporting


Hi everyone, its been a while since my last blog, so busy making some new designs and finishing off commissions that I haven't had time to blog. One of my new designs is a Remembrance Day Poppy which I have made to reflect the delicateness of the real thing and for an alternative for people to wear on Remembrance Day. I really hope you like it as much as I do. Every poppy that sells I donate £10 to the Royal British Legion as that's really what its all about isn't it?

I have also been working with another charity the wonderful, Heart Heroes, run

by Kelly Cornish. This young charity does an amazing job making a difference in the lives of children with Congenital Heart Disease and their families. I have designed a new Heart Heroes heart in silver which incorporates a Heart trace to reflect their work. £10 from each sale goes to Heart Heroes and I will be selling them on the 23rd November 2021 (which is next week!) so do pop along and enjoy a cup of tea or coffee and there's lots to buy and see too.

Hope to see you all on the 23rd November or soon. Best wishes . Chris

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