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Are you interested in a workshop but can't make any of the dates I have on my website?

I love running my workshops! I run one a month from Tudor Farmhouse and I have started running them from Harts Barn Cookery School. I am also about to start running them from Glewstone Court Hotel near Ross-on-Wye. But, very often I cannot meet everyone's individual needs so I have started running private workshops in people's homes. To be honest, this has been a natural expansion of my work due to the enthusiasm of the people that come to my workshops. They have loved the process so much they want to share it with their friends.

So it got me thinking, why don't I offer this as a service and tell you all about it? So that is what this blog is all about! I am here to tell you all that I can come and run a workshop in your home. All I need you to do is arrange a date with me and invite all of your friends along and as long as we get a minimum of 6 people signed up, I will being all my tools and materials and come to your home and run your very own private workshop. I am not charging any extra for this service, I just require 6 people minimum to make it worth it. I also need to keep it within my locality ish! Now, if you would like to know how I define "ish" you will need to get in touch and ask the question because, a little like Pooh with his jar of honey, I haven't quite worked out the definition of ish. Ish might mean its too far, or that I need petrol money, or that I need to include the cost of an overnight stay but whatever ish is, there is no obligation for you to book me if "ish" doesn't meet your requirements but let's have a chat about it anyway.

How do I stop other people booking onto your private workshop?

Ah, that's clever! I will give you a password which only your fiends will be given by you and, therefore, nobody else will be able to gatecrash your event.

I am so looking forward to your feedback on this and whether this is something that you would be interested in. I will blog again soon. Chris

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Hi everyone, its been a while since my last blog, so busy making some new designs and finishing off commissions that I haven't had time to blog. One of my new designs is a Remembrance Day Poppy which I have made to reflect the delicateness of the real thing and for an alternative for people to wear on Remembrance Day. I really hope you like it as much as I do. Every poppy that sells I donate £10 to the Royal British Legion as that's really what its all about isn't it?

I have also been working with another charity the wonderful, Heart Heroes, run

by Kelly Cornish. This young charity does an amazing job making a difference in the lives of children with Congenital Heart Disease and their families. I have designed a new Heart Heroes heart in silver which incorporates a Heart trace to reflect their work. £10 from each sale goes to Heart Heroes and I will be selling them on the 23rd November 2021 (which is next week!) so do pop along and enjoy a cup of tea or coffee and there's lots to buy and see too.

Hope to see you all on the 23rd November or soon. Best wishes . Chris

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I am so excited to launch a new service at Chris Lewis Jewellery Design. I'm always trying to think of new things to do with my customers, new ways to interact and excite and this one is thrilling!!! Its called The Silver Circle and it is a six week course that I hope to run on and off throughout the year. It's about meeting new and old friends, a safe space, a crafting event but even more than that a course driven by its participants. As you know, I run workshops throughout the year where you can make a ring or a pendant or something in silver, and I will continue to do that but it's only possible for me to have everyone make the same sort of thing. With this course, I will be teaching a skill set, you can choose what you make and you can make something that you wouldn't ordinarily get to make anywhere ever.

It costs £25 per class, plus materials, for a six week course. At the end of the six week course you can carry on with another six week course or drop out. If you pay per class it will cost you £25 for each class but if you pay for the course it will cost £130 rather than £150, saving you £20 overall. I will charge for silver and materials depending on what you decide to make.

I have been trialling this course with someone with only experience of my workshops and she has managed to make a teardrop pendant over the six weeks!! Amazing! You don't have to have any experience or knowledge at all just come and join in and let's have some fun!

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