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As I write we are steaming full ahead into Christmas. What a year this has been. 2020 has a lot to answer for in the shape of Covid-19 but, for me, it has been my best year yet. I have met some amazing people, worked for some lovely imaginative customers, trialled a new Personal Gift Service and I’m working behind the scenes on some new Online Workshops! I have rebranded, relaunched, made A new website and achieved goals I never thought I would or could. I have so many gifts to go out for my customers so I will be working right up to Christmas. Thank you to all of you! Let’s hit 2021 with a bang! I intend to, how about you?

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As I write this, on the 31st October 2020, we are on the cusp of another national lockdown. I am determined to be as unaffected as I can facing this new dilemma. I am in the workshop making lots of new creations, the picture attached to this blog is my latest creation. I was asked by a lovely lady to make something special based on her logo which comprised a birdcage. She insisted the the cage door needed to be open so I have made a cage door that can swing open all the live long day. I love it and she does too so that's really great. I am going ahead with my new gifting service too. Im trialling it at the moment but Im really hoping to go live with it soon and I shall be writing about it on here so watch this space.I am also working on some online workshops and I will be trialling them soon too. I really hope you will join me in this new phase of my business and I'm excited for the future.

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As the world is bracing itself for further lockdowns due to the Corono virus, in the world of personalised jewellery I am trying to think outside the box and prepare for a life that is more online until this craziness is over. I am now working on some online workshops so that I can continue to help you all keep creating but, at the same time, keep safe. I am also working on another service which I hope to go live with soon!! Eeek its so exciting. In the mean time, if you have any repairs you need doing, fancy a chat about possible commissions or anything really, do get in touch and we can sort it all out.

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