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Is Lockdown Over?

Its the end of July and every day more and more businesses are reopening following 'lockdown', people are booking holidays left right and centre and masks are a national necessicity. I have no idea if the worst is over or if there will be a "second wave" but I have decided to reopen my ring making workshops in September. I have quite a few people keen to take part and so Ive taken the momentous step and I hope it works out. I for one cant wait. I love doing my workshops and seeing other people's creativity. Three workshops are booked at Tudor Farmhouse in Clearwell and are filling fast. I also have some at my home and I am hoping to get things started at Trumpet Corner Art Gallery in Herefordshire soon. I would love to see you at one of them.

The new website is proving to be a real winner and I'm loving it. I think it now reflects the quality of my work but I would love to know what you think too. I have a new Facebook page under Chris Lewis Jewellery Design, a new Instagram page and I would love you to follow my antics over on either of those or on both.

I am very busy at the moment with commissions, really diverse commissions too, ranging from lamp base, some repairs and some handmade commissions that are personal items reflecting the owner's tastes and memories. I cant share those at the moment but watch my Facebook page for more detail in the coming weeks. I will be back with some more news soon. Have a great August! x

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