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Wedding Belles

Hi, this week I opened my Wedding page on this website. I am presently working on new designs which I will be uploading to the page but, in the meantime, I have added some photos of pieces that I have made in the past few months for weddings, I have made other designs, in the past, but not included them as the photos are now not up to the standard I feel this website requires. If you have a wedding coming up I would love to hear from you and I am always happy to chat over different designs.

In the studio, various designs are taking shape. I am very grateful, in this hot weather, that my studio is lovely and cool, but all too quickly the weather changes and we will be heading for autumn. Designs continue to flow and I am working hard for customers to get their special piece ready.

The price of silver and gold has skyrocketed and it is becoming very expensive to purchase sheets to work with. Did you know that if your silver jewellery does not have a hallmark from the Assay Office it cannot be sold as sterling silver? There are those in this industry who continue to claim they are producing Sterling Silver jewellery with a hallmark when they are only adding a 925 stamp. If your jewellery only has a 925 stamp then it is not a hallmark and may not be silver. I only use silver and, apart from some cheaper rings, I hallmark all of my jewellery. if you are in doubt contact me or a professional Jeweller to check.

Talk soon x

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